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Woo! I'm officially finished writing the rough draft of my novel Unintended. Now, here's a surprise for you all...

Other artists' work will sometimes inspire you- or get you out of writers block- just like music or other types of media can. It's been fun finding pieces of art and literature that really made my inspiration flow, and also awesome of some people to draw my OC's by request. All I can say is thank you, fellow artists, for doing what makes you happy- it can truly help others find their inner inspiration.

The following features are in no particular order, except separating art and literature.


Unintended- The Inspiration


Project WE: Cry on my Shoulder by yuumeiAll that is left by ericadalmasoFallout: Wasteland by a-hourla nostra infinita abnegazione by agnes-cecilelines hold the memories by agnes-cecilein trouble, she will by agnes-cecileglorious wounds by agnes-cecilein the flesh by agnes-cecileBefore and After, Frozen by carriezonaEnemies of Bliss by carriezonaThe Danger of Passion by carriezona


Poem For the Man - (Sara)I can tell your eyes beam when you speak of her.
I can tell your heart aches like a rotting casket every time
I ask of her, but I know I have to. Because agony
often needs prompting if you're ever to begin the process of
unbinding the girdles wrapped about your knees.
I know your knees are heavy;
because your voice stumbled and buckled on the first hello
like you tripped over a dead body that had only ever
lived with regret;
because you paused and I felt the walls of your what if's and should have's
bump against my own like straining helium balloons.
I know colours and elasticity are just fanfares, another layer
of watered-down paint.
I know your soul bakes like it's still laid flat in Phoenix,
rusted, waiting to be ironed "man" again;
that the layers of your skin shrink and shrivel like bark
gasping to peeled from the sunburned surface of a tree;
that the lines on your palms seem to tally all the things you
have ceased to have done;
that the lines kissing each corner of
House of Normalcyyou're feeding my starving heart with fancy wrappings
you're filling my deranged mind with poison doubt
my life is a movie full of static
and you're ecstatic but I'm left out
there is no room for me
in this house of normalcy
your perfect lives are far too good
I'm not another victim
of your sell out policy
I am not flawless but I'm still true
and if I'm forced to take
this plastic surgery
I'll never inhale your halothane
I want to breathe the air of reality
I'll keep my insanity and enjoy the pain
you're living in a world that's made of plastic
a nylon angel with a tape stuffed in your mouth
your neon halo's far too blinding
that's why I'm happy that I'm left out
Muse in blackIt’s the fear of a funeral
that gives me the courage to fight
It’s the threat of the unknown
that helps me see beyond my sight
It’s the echo of my mourning
that gives me the power to scream
It’s the pain of a nightmare
that gives me the passion to dream
As I’m drowning in tears
I fight for my breath
I discovered life
When I was looking for death
It’s not cut, cry, die
It is shut up, get up, fight
It tried to tear me all apart
But I turned it into my muse in black
It’s the fear of the darkness
That’s leading me close to the light
It’s the burn of the fire
That’s keeping me warm right inside
It’s the taste of the poison
That’s making me long for a kiss
It’s the death of a blossom
That’s clenching my hand in a fist
As I’m drowning in tears
I fight for my breath
I discovered life
When I was looking for death
It’s not cut, cry, die
It is shut up, get up, fight
It tried to tear me all apart
But I
Rise.From the torment of yesterday I’ll grow
From the chains of humiliation I’ll free myself
From your raised fist I’ll fly
From the ashes I’ll rise
I’ll strife for the mountains
Let the evaporated corpses of my enemies
Be my only companions
I’ll howl with the wolves as the moon rises
And bathe in my mother’s warmth when it’s gone
I’ll let my voice be heard when I pass you
I’ll make you hope to see me pass by
The rare sight of dying flames
I’ll listen to the cries of the lost
Show them to their long lost castle
And when they once again chain me
When they once again put a price on me
I’ll let them watch as the heat devour me
Let the inferno erase me
Embrace the annihilation that comes
And as they slowly forget me over time
The memory of me fade...
I’ll light up once again
I’ll make people tremble with  deference
Just by the sound of my voice
Let them reach for me and see them get burne
I Read Her Like A BookI read her like a book.
Her body doesn't lie.
I read her subtle looks,
the changes in her eyes.
I read the poetry of her smile;
the stories on her thighs.
I read her joy from down the aisle.
I'm so happy, I could fly.
I see her scarlet blush,
as I read her words aloud.
I love her. Never too much.
Forever, we have vowed.
TreasonWhat happens when
The worst I predict
Is not so bad
As your deadly edict
Let him live, won't you?
I'm sick of our emotionless relation
I value his friendship
Like you value information.
I don't care what you think
I don't care why
Listen to me
Or I'll show all your lies
It's a mistake to trust
I thought you would realize
It seems I was wrong
You're idiotic in my eyes
Logic checks out
But you have no reason
To kill him off
Would bring along my treason.
:thumb411812708::thumb413695834: Perfect VictimPerfect victim, wandering oblivious.
I will take my turn.
Perfect victims make me feel mysterious.
Will we ever learn?
Perfect victims come too close.
Perfect victims try their luck.
Perfect victims in your post.
Perfect victims in my truck.
Perfect killers
make perfect murders.
Perfect sinners
are the best observers.
Perfect victim, wandering oblivious.
I will make my move.
Perfect victims look so serious
when I am stood accused.
No Place Like HomeLooks like I'm back again,
I went around the world wide
And now I'm going to confide
That there is no place like home.
Had some shits, had some giggles,
Had some smiles and some tears
I got young and aged by years;
But there is still no place like home.
I left everyone behind,
I left myself back here too
And I've missed all of you,
Because there is no place like home.
Love AgainLove Again
I hate to admit-
That I don't stand a chance
All risks turn into rifts-
Our hands will become too...distant
I crumbled inside every time I tried-
I couldn't look you in the eyes
A reflection was all I saw-
The beast within me whose heart was still raw
I'm afraid that trust is a one-way street with me
You can only depend on your own
For I have deemed myself unworthy
While I cling onto the tombstones of massacred hopes
I've abandoned the part of my soul
That connected to others
I was forced to let that side of me go
So never again would I fully mourn for another
A sphere of tears-
Floods my sockets with fear
Knowing that-
Every possible future will mimic the past
I've stayed awake-
Inside the eternal moments that I've created
And my immortal regret-
Is that I don't know if I can ever fall in love...again
I'm OutI'm out of ideas.
I'm out of the strength.
I'm out of the patience you seem to take.
I'm out of the good dreams I used to have.
I'm out of the secrets that I once told.
I'm out of the trust I let you hold.
I'm out of the fear I had for the dark.
I'm out of the fun I had at the park.
I'm out of the angles who held me so dear, they've all been replace with demons I fear.
I'm out of the people that used to care.
I'm out of the family that seemed to be here.
I'm out of options.
I'm out of time.
I seem to have run of of things on my mind.
I'm all out of words,
You seem not to hear.
LifeWhen visions came up my mind
And passion took over my heart
I have decided what I wanted
To live with dreams that I have
Being free from oneself
Opening the eyes of my heart
Not skipping any moment
Seeing things once in my sight
Falling in love
Singing above
Flying like a dove
Living a meaningful life
I am but a lonely dreamerLosing my family, my love, my home 
a part of me faded 
yet faded into the palest bone.   
I was like the angel 
of the palest stone 
searching for the heavens   
yet knowing i was alone.  
This lonely eve   
was greeted 
by lonely dreams 
Only me  dreaming
of dreams the deepest. 
Crying a hundred... no a thousand 
Was this the final chapter 
or another to the distant near 
to be at rock-bottom  
is that the path to disappear. 
i am but a lonely dreamer  
and my heart slips deeper than first appeared.  
xi want to kiss you
with the intensity of a thousand universes
and i want you to feel the heat
of every star
on your lips
Clockwork HeartYou hold the key
Cold metal in warm flesh
Come to me
And wind up my heart
That's the only way
To keep it beating
RainYou stand here in
this somber place,
the rain pelting
your sorrowed face
I think about
how you do feign,
as your salty tears
mix with the rain
And as your lips do drip
with bitter sorrow,
I yearn for you
a better tomorrow
So Many"I know your secret."
"Which one?"
Dead AirYou just got the news.
Today's breaking story
hit too close
to home.
Tender ScarsFor him,
broken bones would set
in hours,
burns would heal
in mere minutes,
cuts would close
in just seconds.
But the lashes she gave him,
the scars she left,
carved out years ago
into his heart,
are still,
to this day,
tender to the touch,
something time
can never truly restore.
Her KissHer kiss was a beach breeze -
gentle with lingering strands of hair
on his sandy cheeks
(And that love
ran through their fingers
like sand)
.you got given a life,
now you have to earn your living
067.lonely strangers they are
as they wander;
searching for new identities.
with over hundreds, thousands,
of matches.
What a pity that only one fits.
as strangers become friends,
friends become phrases,
and they walk the streets
hand in had.
they wonder about the future,
never realizing
that they make it.
some scream their way
to one's attention
with big sizes, bold lines;
some whisper their way
to monotony, blending
in to the crowd.
there are the ones
that stand out;
write in crazy curves,
slanted lines.
there are the ones
who think they're special,
truely right.
such a shame,
their creators forget so many.
Such a shame,
their creators favor one over another.
strangers and friends,
lonely and close;
words need love, too.
070.i want to watch the colors in your eyes
dim and light their reflections of the sun;
to show you how everything is so lonely,
how it can be worth the trouble,
how it's really not.
i want you to know
you are a crayon
and i am a pencil
and we don't go together right,
but we are sure as hell pretty if we're used properly.
and every time i see that pinkish-purpleish-blackish shade
of the night at 3 am,
i make a mental note of it to tell you of the time
when empty hollows were my best friend
and calories my enemy.
and whenever there's a rainbow,
it reminds me of when you told me
that colors twist and turn
and will try the best they can
to escape our vision.
but really, i just want you to know
how terrified i am:
of remembering and second guessing and neglect
of forgetting all the memories i've had to create with you; with everyone
it's as if forgetting means driving on a road
with gravel patches on the freeway and missing signals at intersectons.
as if all the teachers forgot to make a lesso matter how much
i try to cover it up,
the old me comes back.'s pairing
horror with hope
for you to be so terribly happy,
for you to be so painfully in love.
140. sadi always seem to
find the evil in the world
while fighting myself.
.you're afraid
to let anyone
stoke the fire
in your chest
for fear
you will burn
them alive
.some people wither
with love;
others bloom
Content.I went searching
for myself,
I ended up finding you
:thumb429415316: To SeeWe've been around the world.
And have seen the great and wonderful.
The grandest fireworks,
sprinkling the sky.
The wonders of man and nature,
the awe-some sights.
And yet, they were nothing.
Because when I stand with you.
Even among magnificence.
I did not feel half as amazed,
as when I'm watching you.
Close Your Goddamn Naive Eyesif you are not blinded by the darkness in their lives,
if you are not deafened by the silence of their pain,
if you are not crying for all the fake smiles,
if you are not screaming truth for their lies,
if you are not dying to save their lives ,
close your Goddamn naive eyes.
When was the last time
you remembered to cry,
for all the broken hearts
that were not your own?

My OC's~

Paradox Jamieson by RaZoRxSheLL
drawn by RaZoRxSheLL

Characters and such by ReachFarHighSome characters by ReachFarHigh
(She drew batches of characters, you can find mine if you view it closer :) ) drawn by ReachFarHigh


I always wanted to make a journal like this after I finished writing, so I hope this isn't 'weird' or anything. I just wanted to show my appreciation for all of your artwork, everyone! :D

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